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About Asa Container Co


A summary of useful information about Asa Container Company.

Atlas Sazeh profile

Atlas has been developing original and complete solutions for steel buildings, roofs, façades, steel constructions, containers and sound and insulation systems for almost 10 years.
Innovation We create with passion – with people and for people. We are driven by a childlike curiosity and excitement over the work that we do - which is why we can create trends. We find inspiration for new ideas everywhere – even where you would least expect it. We research and develop new business models, processes, products, technologies and markets, which ensure long-term and stable growth.
Creating together We are establishing strong and good relationships with our target audience. We create new value and increase success every time for our customers. We encourage ideas from architects and sensible changes. We do not only construct buildings for investors, we also create value. Together, we develop solutions adapted to the needs of each individual.
Business excellence Business excellence is Atlas’s philosophy. It is created and developed by all employees and it is also incorporated in all areas of our activities.
Winning team We are a modern, high-technology company that pays attention to the constant development of its employees. Strong Atlas values unite us into a unique corporate culture, a molecule, in which everyone dares to think differently.
Sustainable development We are working on symbiosis with the environment and the society around us. We make well-thought out investments into people and environmentally-friendly products and technologies. We are developing a company that is supportive of employees and their families. By encouraging a learning company and supporting sporting, cultural, humanitarian and environmental activities, we contribute towards a more pleasant and better tomorrow.
We drive the future We move the bounds of possibilities and changing standards. Looking ahead we are working in line with our vision and mission